Best Smartphone Cameras – Vivo V21


The new slim design of the smart phone gives the V 21 a sleek and a stylish look, V 21 comes with an array of colour to match any mood. * This Vivo V21 phone image is for example purpose only. Actual image can differ. Only the colour of the phone may be close to the one of the sample. So do not be confused when you buy V 21 online.

A lot many people are now interested in buying the V 21 and getting hold of this year’s must have smartphone. This year’s model is based on the previous flagship – the iPhone, but it differs in many ways. For example, the iPhone has been in the market for some years already and this year is the first time it has got a completely new design. It comes with almost all the features that the previous model has including a camera, wifi, flashlight, music player, and proximity sensor. vivo v21

Meanwhile, the Vivo has taken things a notch higher with its introduction of a front camera. The innovative V21 smartphone has a high resolution camera which takes good images. The resolution of the camera is 13 megapixels. This is much higher than the previous iPhone which has only had a 10.2 megapixel front camera.

The Vivo has also introduced two other features in this year’s smartphone offering. One is referred to as multitasking which gives users the ability to run two applications at the same time by launching them at the same time. Another is referred to as extended battery life which increases the lifespan of the handset by up to two hours. This can be further strengthened by connecting the Vivo to an AC power supply and then to a spare battery.

In terms of the hardware present in the phone, the Vivo has kept pretty much intact its predecessors which is one reason why it is so successful in this regard. The Vivo uses the same Samsung Exynos processor that was found on the Galaxy Tab. With the Mediatek dim density 800u processor inside, it is able to run two apps at the same time thanks to multitasking. This is not all though as the Vivo has also used the identical MSM processors that are found on the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

The cameras of the vivo v 21 smartphone are nothing less than impressive. They are equipped with solid state drive and have got the ability to store images for around four months. They can be recovered easily through the memory card provided with the handset. If you want to take pictures on your smartphone, you will not find it easier than the vivo v 21 smartphone since you get the chance to get the highest quality shots.

The connectivity on the vivo v 21 smartphone is quite astounding. It features GSM modem which supports quad band GPRS. In addition to this, it also has UMPC and EDGE support. For those who are not aware of these technologies, UMPC is considered as the equivalent of Global System for Mobile Communication which is an international standard for cell phones. On the other hand, EDGE is considered as high speed wireless internet connection. It makes browsing through the internet easier, especially when you use Windows.

For those who want to check their social status or update their resume on a daily basis, the vivo v 21 smartphone is the perfect device that you should purchase. It features a 16 mega pixel camera which is one of the best in the market. This camera has got the ability to shoot clear pictures and videos. In addition to this, the selfie camera on the vivo v 21 5g is one of the best smartphone cameras that have got the best technology to capture images in a snap.

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