Pisces – Your Personal Horoscope For March 2010

At the beginning of March you might feel rather annoyed. That other people are bothering you, that you don’t have any peace and quiet. But rather than lose your temper, you should try to understand what’s going on. You’re being reminded that you haven’t got all the answers, and that sometimes you need to engage with other people’s ideas.

In the process you might have to do some short-distance travelling. Visiting a number of different people and getting to grips with their particular life experiences.

You mustn’t feel that you’re wasting your time. Because in early March Mercury is making a fantastic conjunction to Jupiter, and the right conversation can move you forward, in many different ways.

On March 7 Venus, your career ruler, changes sign, from Pisces to Aries. If you’re working, there might be a change of emphasis. There’ll be less focus on ideas, and plans, and instead you’ll be trying to create security for yourself and your workmates, and perhaps for your employers as well. pisces horoscope

Put another way, the talking and thinking have been done, and it’s now time to bring things down to earth.

Yet you can’t expect everything to run smoothly. On March 11 and 12 Venus aspects Pluto, and in your working environment there might be a power struggle. A power struggle that’s more emotional than practical, where people get obsessed about nothing. Somehow, you need to stand back, and get a sense of perspective.

On March 15 there’s a New Moon. You can start communicating in a new way, perhaps using new technology. At first you mightn’t have a clue what you’re doing, but if you read the instruction manual things will become very clear. You’ll then be able to get through to many different people – but in such a way that doesn’t compromise your core boundaries.

As far as your love life is concerned, you can’t expect much to happen, and for most Capricorns it will be a case of ploughing a steady course. If you’re looking for new love, be patient and don’t get too emotional too quickly.


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