What’s Special About the OnePlus Nord 2?


Get ready to capture the best moments of your life with the exclusive OxygenOS 2.0 smartphone. Capture your favorite moments with its powerful image processing technology that delivers professional results. The innovative OxygenOS 2.0 allows you to upload your pictures straight from your phone directly to your PC using Air Card. With the help of an internet connection, you can view your pictures directly on your PC. OnePlus Nord 2

* This device has a charging system called Dual SIM. You can insert a regular SIM card or a Wi-Fi capable micro SD into this device’s slot to get ready for the ideal moment. Just like other smart phones, OxygenOS 2.0 features a beautiful display with a high resolution. Your pictures will appear brilliant whether they are shot in the daylight or at night. Night Portraits are just the perfect way to optimize low light photos for high definition clarity and color.

* The rear camera on the OnePlus Nord 2.0 is one of the most impressive smartphone cameras available in the market today. This makes it the ideal companion for anyone who loves taking photos and sharing them on the social media platform. The OxygenOS 2.0 camera also features optical zoom which lets you enhance your close-ups without having to lose the quality of your image.

* The front camera of the OnePlus Nord 2.0 is also quite impressive. You can take photos of people or just about anything with this professional camera. If you’re planning to take black and white pictures, try to turn off the auto-exposure function. This allows you to take photos in true color mode with all the clarity possible. The 16 megapixel front camera of the handset is sufficient if you want to take simple pictures of individuals.

* The moment when the OnePlus Nord 2.0 was launched, it immediately received good reviews. Many iPhone and Android users loved it immediately since it featured a front-facing fingerprint scanner as well as an ultra-wide camera. This allowed users to take several photos without having to use the zoom button. It also had the best facial recognition software that can instantly recognize your face when you smile, laugh, or do other facial gestures. It’s a great feature that can help you organize your photos better.

The dual-core A9 processor inside the OnePlus Nord 2.0 is an ideal device for individuals who need the best in power and speed. If you want your device to turn heads, be ready to download a couple of apps from its Google Play store. OxygenOS 2.0 offers users plenty of features and it’s up to you whether you’d like to get everything from Google Play to ensure your device’s optimal performance. The moment you open your OnePlus 2.0, you’re ready to start taking quality pictures in no time at all.

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